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The Secret to Hiring Money Worthy Freelancers

3rd of May

When you run a business, especially if you have just started, there will be times when you cannot really afford hiring full-time staff or just don’t have the need for the same. This is when hiring freelancers will be an absolute boon. When you hire a freelancer, you only pay them for the time they work or for the job they complete, and you wouldn’t have to worry about spending more than what’s necessary.

Similar to hiring full-time staff, hiring freelancers is equally challenging. You will come across highly talented individuals for sure, but you cannot avoid some not-so-talented ones as well. Therefore, it is important that you understand the secrets to hire money worthy freelancers. Here are our tips:

1. Know Your Needs
First and foremost, in order to be successful in hiring money worthy freelancers for your business needs, you need to be sure about your needs. Determine as many details as you can about the project you are bringing them in for, which should include the results you desire, payment schedule, due date, etc.
In fact, this is a simple step that many business owners either forget about or ignore. For instance, there could be projects that you are not excited or interested to work on, or something that you don’t have the skillset for. Knowing this helps you determine the skills you should expect from a freelancer.

2. Start with Your Network
Before you post your job on different online sources, try getting options from your network of people. As a business owner, you would obviously know a lot of people in your industry; start by asking them for recommendations of skilled freelancers they have experience working with before. You can also reach out to your clients about the same, and if you are already employing freelancers for other tasks, ask them for references to fill up your current vacancy.

Another excellent option is to use social media. Whether you choose Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other social media platform, all you need to do is simply post your need and ask people to contact you directly.

3. Ask for Sample Work
One of the best ways to know the freelancer you choose is money worthy is to check their sample work. Experienced freelancers know that clients would require their sample work before hiring and will be ready to provide the same. If the freelancers you have shortlisted cannot provide you with samples, it is wise to check their credentials twice. When you do receive samples, make sure that the work is relevant to the project you are hiring for.

When it comes to sampling work, sometimes, choosing freelancers based on their past work alone may not be the right choice. This is because, while a freelancer could have performed impressively in the past, he/she may not be an expert or skilled in your project’s niche. In this case, sample hiring a freelancer, paying them a small amount, can be of great help. For instance, hire them to perform a specific task for your project and observe their progress and result.

4. Interview Freelancers
When it comes to hiring freelancers online, it is natural for business owners to feel that the possibilities of getting to know your employees are very low. But, this can be made possible by interviewing the freelancers your shortlist.
Conducting the interview online via platforms like Skype is an efficient way to carry out the same. This will help you analyze the freelancers’ personality face-to-face and determine if the relationship can proceed without any concerns or issues. In addition, you also get to establish a good working relationship right from the start.

5. Ask for References
Yes, you hire freelancers for short-term projects; but, that shouldn’t stop you from exercising due diligence, which means asking for references is a must. You need to know how the freelancers performed in their previous jobs, and this can be done only by talking to their previous employers, just like you would with your full-time staff. Established freelancers would have no issue providing you with references, because they will have a lot of clients who will be willing to testify on their performance.

6. Know Your Budget
One common belief that many business owners have is that they can hire freelancers for a nominal amount. Of course, you can find freelancers overseas who can go as low as $5 for an hour’s work; but, an undeniable fact is that, you only get what you pay for. Everybody would like to save some money in every way possible, but what you need to focus on is getting high quality work for a reasonable price, which is where the challenge lies.
Even if you have a specific budget that you would like to stay within, but you find a freelancer who seems to be an expert in your project area, you should be flexible enough to spend a bit more so you can get quality work done. And of course, you can always negotiate with freelancers, and if you can guarantee them long-term job, you could get a reduction by all means.

Yes, freelancers can be a great boon to your business, especially in terms of saving money. But, in order to achieve this benefit, you should spend the time looking for the best ones out there.

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