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What should you name your online business?

16th of May

When it comes to the process of coming up with an online business idea and establishing your own business, one of the most important decisions you will make is choosing a name for the business. Having their business up and running is the most difficult task, most new business owners think; but, wait until you have to select a name for your business.

This is no longer an easy task. With all that’s going on on the internet, from new and exciting ecommerce offerings to apps to social media handles, and more, you cannot just find a name within a half hour brainstorming session anymore.

Why is the Name So Important?

The name of your business or company is how your customers will come to know and talk about you. It is how people recognize your brand. Therefore, if your business name is either too difficult to remember or isn’t catchy enough, you are most likely to miss out on quite some word-of-mouth marketing, which is one of the best marketing options available, and one that doesn’t cost you a penny.

business name choice

So, here are a few rules that apply when giving a name to your ecommerce business:

Make It Easy to Spell

When it comes to giving a name to your company, one of your main goals is to make sure that your clients and potential customers will be able to remember it. On the other hand, being an online business, finding your business online should be easy as well, and it is your responsibility to not make your potential customers get confused about the same.

So, choose a name that is easy to spell. Of course, having a name with a special meaning would be great, but if it is too hard to spell, you may miss many opportunities to connect with customers, because your business will be considered irrelevant.

Go with Relevant Misspellings

You may not be very fond of misspellings, but they happen to be the norm on the internet these days and can really work sometimes, especially if it is relevant. Flickr, Tumblr, and Reddit are examples of such names and spellings.

First of all, obtaining a domain name with such spellings will be much easier than otherwise. In addition, they give your brand some individuality and style.

However, what you need to do here is make sure that the misspelled word is relevant to your business, clearly signifies your message, and introduces your brand rather than confusing people.

The Name Shouldn’t Limit Your Business

How many times have you come across a business that carries the name of its state, city, or region as part of its name? This is something common among new businesses, regardless of whether it is products or services they offer. For instance, let’s say you offer carpet cleaning services in Florida; in this case, your obvious name choice would be Florida Carpet Cleaning.

naming business

While this name could help you during the initial years, what happens when you expand your business to other states in a few years down the line? People coming across your business name would assume that Florida is your only service area and you would miss out on a lot of potential business. It is better to avoid this bottleneck right from the beginning.

Avoid Getting Too Many Suggestions

It is human nature to involve everyone they know and consider important in every vital decision they are required to make, and this includes friends, family members, clients, colleagues, and so on.

However, this approach may not be suitable in all scenarios. When you involve everyone when choosing a name for your business, there are different issues you are likely to face: firstly, since you will choose only one name, you are likely to make others feel estranged, and secondly, when you go with a name chosen by the majority, it is likely to be something plain and safe.

Therefore, involve only very few people during this decision making process; this should be the primary decision-makers of your company and those that only want the best for you and your business.

Convey What Your Business Does

There is every chance for your online business to expand in all possible ways and become a well-known brand several years down the line. But, for now, you need to make sure that the name you choose conveys to your target audience, potential customers, and clients at least a clue of what your business does.

business name

For example, if your business offers laundry on demand services, include the words “laundry on demand” in your name. People coming across your business name should be able to comprehend the products or services you offer. Moreover, this also makes it easy for your potential clients to find your business in online directories.

Ultimately, try finding an evergreen name that wouldn’t require changing even when naming trends change after a few years.

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