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Each user can edit the project management boards in real-time. Other members of the team will see the changes made by anyone in real-time, without the need to refresh their page.


Highly needed project mangement methology is supported by Embilo. We make it possible to manage your scrumboards easilly and fast online, with real-time interactions with whole team.


For those users who appreciate the Waterfall methodology of project management, we built a Waterfall management tool which grants a better view of the workflow members are submitting.

Time tracking

The built in time logger app allows for each team member to submit the time employed to work on a particular task or board. In case of your company needing to bill the time that employees worked on a particular project, no working minute with be lost with the time logger.


This feature helps team members work on a digital whiteboard in real time. Any team member will have the option to edit or use our Drawing mode to make changes to any document or image uploaded on the whiteboard. All team members will be able to see any ongoing change being made in real time.

Budget controll

Embilo comes with a super useful budget control tool, essential to keep track of all expenditures as well as helping plan budget adjustments.

Integrated chat

The built in chat allows for all team members to communicate and hold virtual meetings any time. The chat app can also be used to communicate with the clients while being able to log time for each client consultation meeting.


Workflow manage enables your team to automate the way you work. It makes easy to manage rules by roles, actions and add new triggers to task status changes, that will save valueble time and makes the whole team work more effectively.


Roadmap is a tool for showing the plans of your project at the moment and where you are going in longrun. It has nice feaues like sharing with public link directly to client, it will show changes in real-time avoiding issues that come from information getting to right people on time.


This module is feedback module, which will give user clear overview of statuses, spent hours and performance on your active projects.


Place to store project related information in text format, structured, searchable, and easy to find with sharing capabilities to 3rd party over secure links or password protected access - everywhere all over the World.


Timesheet management, is useful tool for all team-members, it gives you an easy to use, quick and fast tool to manage your own time, share it between tasks and get also feedback of your own performance of your teams, if you are a project manager.

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